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Mâwandônan      Consulting

 Gathering Your Workplace Together

 Two-day On-Line workshop:

“Intentional Leadership” ($1050.00/Participant)

The Intentional Leadership workshop is all about giving people the skills to become intentional leaders. We not only speak about the Western Models of Leadership that are effective, but we incorporate Aboriginal Models of Leadership such as leading from the second chair. We cover practical skills such as delegation, running effective meetings, dealing with conflict, setting smart goals, motivating and rewarding, and building proper teams. We use an instrument called DISC which will provide people insight into how they react to situations based on a more behavioural approach rather than a deep psychological dive from personality profiles like Myers-Briggs and Keirsey Temperament. We also incorporate group exercises that build on the precepts above.  

Are great leaders born, or are they made?


Is leadership based on position (and perceived power) or is it based on character?


What attributes do great leaders possess?


If you were an employee would you want to work for you?


How do your values inform your leadership style?


Do you want a clear and concise explanation of Intentional Leadership?


Does your organization desire to have meaningful conversations regarding intentional leadership?


Would your organization benefit from seeing leadership models from an Aboriginal perspective?


If your Organization/First Nation/Metis Community wants more clarity around intentional leadership then this workshop is for you.

Why is attending an intentional leadership workshop that emphasizes an Aboriginal perspective/philosophy a good idea if you are a leader within your organization?


Since 1996 Mâwandônan Consulting has helped many organizations deal with similar questions. Using a combination of information transference and interactive dialogue, participants will be taken through the many complicated aspects of Intentional Leadership.


This two-day workshop is designed to provide practical and inspirational solutions to the questions raised above: 1) solutions that are based on the combined expertise of a Eurasian academic who grew up in an Aboriginal community in Southern Manitoba and has taught Indigenous Studies courses at various post- secondaries across Canada 2) a First Nation Consultant who has owned his own business and has spoken on leadership to organizations – both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal.



1. Section 1 – Personalities and Experience

♦ Breakout Exercise – People will be divided into groups to share life experiences as a way to share and connect.


♦ DISC Personality Tool.

♦ Participants will discuss their personalities with others.

♦ Participants will engage ways in which their personalities drive, or impact

their leadership style.


♦ Developing a model of leadership.

o What is a leader?

o What qualities does a leader possess?

o Who is a leader in your organization?

o Is leadership a position or a quality. Give examples.

o Exercise on leadership styles.

o Facets and responsibilities of leaders.



2.Section 1 Part A – Dealing with Conflict

♦ Styles of managing conflict.



Building Teams

♦ Types of teams.

♦ What are the benefits of teams?


       SWOT Exercise

          ♦ Group Discussion strengths and weaknesses of participants’ organizations.


2. Part B – Aboriginal Leadership Models

♦ Western Models of Leadership are not the only successful ways of leading

♦ Overview of different ways of leading communities and organizations in

   Aboriginal history

♦ Modern applications of traditional approaches


***These philosophically-Aboriginal models of leadership will be interspersed throughout the two-day workshop as leadership is being discussed***    


Clayton Desjarlais CV

Jeff Logan CV